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By having social media connected to your webpage you can expand your business to a new market of social media viewers.  This can have a great impact on your outreach possabilities. With 2 Morrows Design we can provide the right tools you need to reach everyone around you!


Social Media Icons

Connect more people to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.



Facebook Like

Make it easy for people to keep in touch with your business on Facebook.



Pinterest Features

Encourage visitors to pin and share your content on their Pinterest boards.



Social Media Feeds

Showcase all your posts from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and more.



Like Button

Let visitors like and dislike items with a cool customizable button.


LinkedIn Follow

Invite people to follow your Linkedin Company page and grow your business network


Twitter Feed

Compile the best tweets from the web and display them on your site.                       



Facebook Share

Let visitors share your website on their timeline or a friend’s timeline. .



YouTube Subscribe Button

Get your audience to subscribe to your YouTube channel.



Social Media Management

Manage, track and optimize your social media and website activities, all in one platform.



Skype Call & Chat

Let site visitors use Skype to call or chat you directly from your website


Community Forum

Create a community around your business with a dynamic discussion forum.

GO Social